Discounts!Stand-By Member of - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.


Stand-By Member of - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.

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Volume pricing packages are ideal if you are looking for people for a reunion, if you are doing genealogical research, if you are doing skiptracing or legal research, or are just breaking into the Information Broker business

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Regarding our People Finder and Research services: The Data-Detective/RCE Information Services is a company dedicated to serving the public in helping to find lost relatives, friends, biological parents, or anyone you might be looking for.

In operation since 1986, we are information specialists, helping thousands who have lost contact with friends, schoolmates, and biological parents and have been specialists in this field for the past decade. Our professional researchers are experts in searching, retrieving and obtaining court record and other documents nationwide and compiling this information in reports that are easy to understand. We take the worry out of hiring new staff members and leasing to new tenants by researching these individual's backgrounds for you. We hope you will find the opportunity to use this accurate, reliable and valuable resource in the near future.

We promote responsible use and dissemination of information. We fully support and adhere to the Individual Services Group Principles (IRSG), the GLB act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Please note that we are NOT a "Detective Agency" nor are we "Private Investigators" nor "Law Enforcement Officials" of any kind. We are simply a research company that does a very specific kind of research, and does it exceptionally well