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Stand-By Member of - The missing and abducted Kids Investigative Network.

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bullet Damaged Tape Restoration
bulletAudio Tape Restoration and Enhancement
bulletAudio, Video and Data Forensics
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bullet Vinyl Record to CD conversion - Click Here
bullet Authenticity Analysis of recordings
bullet Video To DVD or CD Conversions and more

Audio Tape Restoration and Enhancement

We can take your tape, remove the noise, boost the proper frequencies so that the sounds you want or need to hear come through audibly. If you have a low volume, or hard to understand surveillance or evidence tape, this is JUST the service you need!

bulletWe take your original recording and store it digitally on a high speed hard drive. Once we have made this Precise Digital Copy we will ship the original back to you right away if you include a Self Addressed Stamped Mailer. Otherwise we will return it with your order. Your original recording is never at risk and never altered in any way.
bulletWe audition the recording to see precisely what needs to be done.
bulletIf the recording contains hiss, hum, rumble or any other type of  "surface" noise we take a sample of it, tell our computer what to look for and then  remove it.
bulletPops, clicks, and any other percussive noises are then removed without affecting the underlying signal.
bulletThe sounds that you want to hear are then brought up to the optimum signal level.
bulletTHEN we apply digital filtering & EQ to make the recording more understandable or listenable.
bulletWe can record the final result on audio cassette, Digital Compact Disk, or any other media you require
bulletAffidavits for evidentiary recordings such as surveillance tapes will be signed & notarized upon request


bulletPrice: $200 flat rate per tape. (4 hours bench time or less)
bullet$90/hour for any work over 4 hours. (not likely, but it can happen with a very difficult or long recording)
bulletMixdown to Digitally mastered CD's  are free. Cassette or micro cassette copies are $10.00 each.
bulletDue to the nature of the work we do, we cannot guarantee your results. We do guarantee that we will use all of our 20+ years of expertise to produce the best results possible with the material we are given. Once a job is begun there are no refunds. No exceptions.

Listen to some examples of what can be done:

  Before After
Cellphone conversation Click Here Click Here
Cockpit voice recorder Click Here Click Here
Damaged tape Click Here Click Here

Authenticity Analysis

Authenticity analysis is used to determine if a recording has simultaneous origins as the acoustic events it represents. (ie: is the recording genuine? Or has it been altered or edited?) It is a very time intensive task requiring a millisecond-by-millisecond detailed examination of the recording and/or media.

Suspicious recordings may have their authenticity verified or negated by physical inspection, aural analysis, frequency, energy, amplitude and formant structure analysis, magnetic tape development, and/or magnified visual inspection and photographic documentation of the results.

We will supply a report upon request. The report may be a brief procedural overview (no additional charge), or an extensive detailed report with high quality graphics for court presentation. Report writing is billed at the standard hourly rate.

The minimum deposit for this type of work is $250 and must be sent before work is begun on the tape.

Vinyl Record to CD Conversion

bulletTransfer your vinyl LPs to CD - $30
bulletTransfer your vinyl LPs to CD, and remove most clicks, pops & rumble - $55
bulletAbove includes plain text or Handwritten CD label
bulletAdd scanned album art in CD case & label - Add  $15
bulletCall for pricing on over 5 LPs
bulletQuestions? please see the Conversion FAQ




We can digitize and encode your audio into any number of formats for use on Web sites, audio CDs and CD-ROMs, and digitally remastered audio tapes.

Our most popular service is encoding audio into Real Audio or MP3 files so it can be broadcast over the Internet.  Cost is $75 per hour of  audio. $75 minimum


We can now encode up to 74 minutes of audio and video onto a single Video CD, which is playable through any computer or laptop running Windows Media Player and can be played on many newer DVD players.

Video CDs use MPEG-1 compression for VHS quality video and MPEG-1, Layer 2 (MP2) audio compression for high-quality stereo sound. Once encoded in this fashion, productions can be played from the CD or stored on computer hard drives for streaming over corporate intranets.

DVD resolution is approximately is 3x greater than the VideoCD or VHS tape. A DVD holds 2 hours of exceptionally high quality video. ( at DVD resolution a VideoCD could only hold 20 minutes of video)

Our rate for encoding video onto CDs or DVDs or other digital formats is $85 per hour of video. $85 Minimum  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

bullet We also offer hardcopy transcriptions of your tapes after audio enhancement is complete

The average hour-long tape takes about 6.5 working hours to transcribe with a resulting charge of approximately $390.


Broadcast-quality material takes less time to transcribe. Hard-to-hear material will take longer to transcribe.


We will work as long as your budget allows us to get the best transcript possible. We provide an estimated price and turnaround time before we start any job.


Dense material with a lot of technical, business, financial or computer terms usually takes between seven and eight hours per hour of audio. Focus groups with multiple participants and overlapping conversations usually take between eight and 10 hours per hour to transcribe and proofread.


Contact us with your specific questions,


Send your original recording along with your payment and This order form to:

The Data Detective
Audio Forensics Department
7318 Osceola Dr.,
Cincinnati, OH 45243


We accept Checks, Money Orders, or Cash. Please print this order form , fill it out completely and send it with your recording. 

We do not carry in-house accounts or accept purchase orders. Why?

We have found that many companies are delaying payment for longer and longer periods of time, and there are some companies that do not pay at all. Many times, the larger the company, the longer it takes it to pay.

Since we cannot tell in advance which companies pay quickly and which do not, we have instituted a policy that requires clients to pay when services are rendered.

This keeps our paying customers from subsidizing non-paying customers and allows us to concentrate on the job at hand, not on collecting past due accounts.





Regarding our People Finder and Research services: The Data-Detective/RCE Information Services is a company dedicated to serving the public in helping to find lost relatives, friends, biological parents, or anyone you might be looking for.

In operation since 1986, we are information specialists, helping thousands who have lost contact with friends, schoolmates, and biological parents and have been specialists in this field for the past decade. Our professional researchers are experts in searching, retrieving and obtaining court record and other documents nationwide and compiling this information in reports that are easy to understand. We take the worry out of hiring new staff members and leasing to new tenants by researching these individual's backgrounds for you. We hope you will find the opportunity to use this accurate, reliable and valuable resource in the near future.

We promote responsible use and dissemination of information. We fully support and adhere to the Individual Services Group Principles (IRSG), the GLB act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Please note that we are NOT a "Detective Agency" nor are we "Private Investigators" nor "Law Enforcement Officials" of any kind. We are simply a research company that does a very specific kind of research, and does it exceptionally well